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This guide will cover the setup of a dedicated server for IW4x for use on a Local Area Network (LAN), please note this is for advanced users only. If you are looking for a simply way to play with friends I recommend you check out the Private Match Guide.

There are two main types of servers. There are party servers or match servers, party server act like a traditional steam MW2 lobby, leaving you time to vote for the next map and edit your classes. The other type of server is match, this is the most commonly used type of server and simply rotates map to map without any lobby.

Party Server

  • Steam style lobby system.
  • Adjust classes and killstreak rewards without leaving the server.
  • Vote to skip next map.
  • Note: Party servers are very buggy and unstable, they will crash often and even with scripts the server might not properly restart. It is advised to not use party servers and stick to match servers instead!

Match Server

  • A normal dedicated server that makes use of a map rotation.
  • Rotates map to map with no lobby.
  • Stable and the recommended server type to use.


Match Server Setup

Party Server Setup

Want To Learn More?

Check out the official IW4x Wiki, it contains more detailed information in regards to servers such as the API or even setting up a server using a Docker container.


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