IW4x Client Files (v0.6.0)

Zip file containing the client files.

Includes: Barebones files to play iw4x & enables play on single player maps such as oilrig (Given you have the SP files)

File Size: 117.7 MB


Contains the custom DLC maps exclusive to the iw4x client.

Includes: Nuketown, Classic Pack #1, Classic Pack #2, Freighter, Resurrection Pack & Recycled Pack

Direct Download:
File Size: 2.08GB

File Size: 2.13GB

All-In-One Pack

This pack contains everything you need to start playing, complete with all the content availble for IW4x.

Includes: (MW2 Basegame + MW2 Basegame DLC's + IW4x Client Files (v0.6.0) + Iw4x DLC)

Please Note: DirectX 9.0 needs to be installed to play.

Direct Download:
File Size: 14.85GB

File Size: 11.39GB

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