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This is the place to learn what you need to start playing, please read this information carefully.

What best describes your situation?

I don't have anything

I'm starting fresh I require everything!

I have the MW2 base game already

I already have MW2 installed this can be from steam or another source.

I just need to update IW4x

I already have IW4x installed but my version is below v0.6.0 and or I've told to update.


Everything you need all in one place.

This pack includes everything you need to play all inside one convient pack. Perfect for newcomers or players seeking convience.
Instructions: Extract the all in one zip to a location of your choice `C:/Games` is recommended, to play launch iw4x.exe.

Please Note: DirectX 9.0 needs to be installed to play.

Pack Content:

  • MW2 base game
  • All DLC including the custom IW4x DLC
  • IW4x client files (v0.6.0)

Download Information:

  • Direct Download: 14.85GB
  • Torrent: 11.39GB

It is advised to download the torrent if you have unstable internet / slow speeds

Client Files & DLC

Take advantage of your existing MW2 install and simply download the following two components to complete your install!

If you already have the MW2 basegame all you need to get playing is the IW4x client files and the DLC files. The two downloads below need to be merged into your existing game folder directory (Note: The zip downloads need to be extracted). On steam the default directory for MW2 is the following:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Download Information:

  • Download Sizes: ClientFiles - (117.7 MB) & DLC - (2.08GB)
  • Total: ~2.2 GB


It is advised to download the torrent if you have unstable internet / slow speeds.

Standalone Client Files

Zip archive containing just the iw4x client files. Nothing more nothing less.

This can be used to update an existing IW4x install to the latest version of IW4x (v0.6.0).
Instructions: Extract the contents of the zip to your MW2 game folder (where iw4mp.exe or iw4x.exe already exist).

Download Information:

  • Download Size: 117.7 MB

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