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This guide will cover the setup of a dedicated server for IW4x for use at your home or more likely a VPS, please note this is for advanced users only. If you are looking for a simply way to play with friends I recommend you check out the Private Match Guide.

There are two main types of servers. There are party servers or match servers, party server act like a traditional steam MW2 lobby, leaving you time to vote for the next map and edit your classes. The other type of server is match, this is the most commonly used type of server and simply rotates map to map without any lobby.

Party Server

  • Steam style lobby system.
  • Adjust classes and killstreak rewards without leaving the server.
  • Vote to skip next map.
  • Note: Party servers are very buggy and unstable, they will crash often and even with scripts the server might not properly restart. It is advised to not use party servers and stick to match servers instead!

Match Server

  • A normal dedicated server that makes use of a map rotation.
  • Rotates map to map with no lobby.
  • Stable and the recommended server type to use.


Match Server Setup

Party Server Setup


If you find after setting up your server that you cannot see it on the server list please look over the following:

Instructions on how to host another server without conflict

Clone Regular Server

Clone Lobby Server

Password protecting a server

Before attempting this you must first ask yourself why you want a publically listed server to have a password. If it's simply to keep it private it would be a much better idea to set sv_lanonly to 1. Doing this will not broadcast your server to the server list, keeping it private with the benefit of not confusing new users who often ask for server passwords...
Note: If you launched your server already without sv_lanonly it will have been broadcasted to the server list node system, so even you set sv_lanonly the server will still be public. If this is the case, then use a password as a last resort or as a workaround change the port of your server (It is treated as a different server as far as the node system is concerned).

Permanent Password

Temporary Password

Server Administration Software

There are two main pieces of software available for server administration, that being IW4MAdmin and the other being B3. B3 is no longer actively supported, so IW4MAdmin is the recommended choice.

IW4MAdmin is an administration tool for IW4x, T6M, and most Call of Duty® dedicated servers. It allows complete control of your server; from changing maps, to banning players, IW4MAdmin monitors and records activity on your server(s). With plugin support, extending its functionality is a breeze.

Fast Download Support (FastDL)

Server Configuration

  1. Open your server.cfg file and add these two dvars

set sv_wwwBaseURL "" or "" // If using an IP and not a domain, put the IP of your server
set sv_wwwDownload "1"
(Replace with your public server IP)

  1. Access your webservice via FileZilla or any other client
    If you do not have a website/domain and want to host these locally, follow the instructions for the Windows Webservice or Linux Webservice.
  2. Create a "iw4x" directory in the root folder of your hosted website/domain
  3. Copy your "mods" folder from your IW4x installation into this directory
  4. Make sure the name of the mod you want to use on your server is named correctly
  5. Open a web browser of your choice and go to "" or "" (Replace with your public server IP)

Note: If set up correctly you will see a mods folder and it will contain your mod files
The final path should look something like this: "
(Replace with your public server IP)

Windows Webservice

If you want to host the files on the same server you host your IW4x game you can follow these steps. You can also alternatively use IIS, we will be providing a tutorial for this shortly.

  1. Download XAMPP on your windows server
  2. Install XAMPP
  3. Open windows advanced firewall
  4. Click inbound rules
  5. Click add rule
  6. Add a new rule by PORT and specify TCP and port 80
  7. Open XAMPP
  8. Start the Apache service
  9. Open your browser and go to the ip address of your windows server If done correctly you will see an XAMPP welcome page
  10. On the windows server go to C:/xampp/htdocs

Continue from step 3 in the Server Configuration steps

Linux Webservice

If you want to host the files on the same server you host your IW4x game you can follow these steps

  1. Install web server of your choice (Nginx, Apache, etc)
  2. For nginx run the command:

sudo apt install nginx

  1. After nginx is installed run the command:

sudo service nginx start

  1. Go to /var/www/html/

Continue from step 3 in the Server Configuration steps


General Information

Map Code Names:

map mp_afghan					(Afgan)
map mp_boneyard					(Scrapyard)
map mp_brecourt					(Wasteland)
map mp_checkpoint				(Karachi)
map mp_derail					(Derail)
map mp_estate					(Estate)
map mp_favela					(Favela)
map mp_highrise					(Highrise)
map mp_nightshift				(Skidrow)
map mp_invasion					(Invasion)
map mp_quarry					(Quary)
map mp_rundown					(Rundown)
map mp_rust					(Rust)
map mp_subbase					(Subbase)
map mp_terminal					(Terminal)
map mp_underpass				(Underpass)

map mp_complex					(Bailout)
map mp_crash					(Crash)
map mp_overgrown				(Overgrown)
map mp_compact					(Salvage)
map mp_storm					(Storm)

map mp_abandon					(Carnival)
map mp_fuel2					(Fuel)
map mp_strike					(Strike)
map mp_trailerpark				(Trailer Park)
map mp_vacant					(Vacant)

map mp_nuked					(Nuketown)

map mp_cross_fire				(Crossfire)
map mp_bloc					(Bloc)
map mp_cargoship				(Cargoship)

map mp_killhouse				(Killhouse)
map mp_bog_sh					(Bog)

map mp_cargoship_sh				(Freighter)

map mp_shipment_long				(Shipment:Long)
map mp_rust_long				(Rust:Long)
map mp_firingrange				(Firing Range)

map mp_storm_spring				(Chemical Plant)
map mp_fav_tropical				(Tropical: Favela)
map mp_estate_tropical				(Tropical: Estate)
map mp_crash_tropical				(Tropical: Crash)
map mp_bloc_sh					(Forgotten City)

map oilrig					(Oilrig)
map iw4_credits					(IW4_Credits)
map co_hunted					(Village)


Gamemodes Code Names:

war						(Team Deathmatch)
dm						(Free-For-All)
dom						(Domination)
koth						(Headquarters)
sab						(Sabotage)
sd						(Search and Destroy)
ctf						(Capture the Flag)
dd						(Demolition)
oneflag						(One-Flag Capture the Flag)
gtnw						(Global Thermonuclear War - Cut Content)
arena						(Arena - Cut Content)

Want To Learn More?

Check out the official IW4x Wiki, it contains more detailed information in regards to servers such as the API or even setting up a server using a Docker container.


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